New LED Lights Announced by Aputure

New products from Aputure  |  Amaran AL MX and Amaran AL F7This year at the NAB show – an annual industry event for the nation’s radio and TV broadcast industry – I saw a number of extremely exciting announcements from a lot of great manufacturers. The NAB show has always been one of the shows where camera, lighting, microphone and audio recording companies will introduce upcoming technology, product updates and new gear. I have yet to attend a NAB show but I always watch the news reports to see what is happening. One of the most exciting announcements came from Black Magic when they introduced a new version of their Pocket Cinema 4K camera. The new Pocket Cinema looks extremely impressive and will be the first video camera that can capture RAW video files for under $1,300. Talk about game changing! Additionally I saw plenty of news from one of my favorite companies, Aputure. They had a cool looking prototype RGB light in their booth as well as an update to their awesome Lightstorm LS 120d. The Mark II version of their popular LED light will be 30 percent brighter, can be dimmed all the way down to 1 percent and it introduces an all new control box that integrates the power ballast (this means faster setup and tear down). Before the NAB show, back on 30 March 2018, Aputure officially announced two new lights that look incredibly exciting. Both are in the super affordable “Amaran” line of lights and I expect them to both be super popular. The first new light is the Amaran AL-F7 and it looks positioned to bridge the gap between the popular AL-H198 and the bigger AL258 series. The second new light is the super tiny Amaran AL-MX. In this article I’ll be sharing the specifications of both lights and my thoughts on these new additions to the Aputure LED light lineup.

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