Monuments of Gettysburg

Recently I made a trip to Gettysburg, PA where the famous Civil War Battlefield celebrated the 150th anniversary of the battle that became the turning point in the war. Everywhere I looked I saw incredible Monuments to the brave men who fought here. It’s an amazing place (especially if you’re an American history buff like I am).

On July 1-3, I toured the battlefield and participated in every ranger program I could. After the programs concluded I spent a considerable amount of time walking the battlefields and photographing the many monuments and memorials. In this blog post I’ll share a bunch of the pictures from my battlefield visit (and in future posts I’ll go into more detail about my three day experience).

These last two images of the Gen. Meade memorial might be my favorites. The skies looked incredible after a morning of rain and as the sun set I was treated to some really incredible colors.

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1 thought on “Monuments of Gettysburg

  1. Hello there! Great pics! Outstanding! I am putting together a documentary on Gettysburg. Respectively ask permission to use a couple of your photo if at all possible? Thank you in advance., Peace and Blessings Jullian Crowe.

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