My HDR Workflow | Part 1

I’ve been creating images for a long time now and one of the things I’ve come to appreciate is the importance of post processing. There’s more than one way to process a digital image and there’s no one result that is always the right one. When we share our pictures with others they represent our own unique vision of an image (our photographic style) and I’ve used post processing on all of my images to create my own “signature style” of photography.

I’ve changed my thinking about what my final images should look a number of times over the years. And if there’s one form of photography where my post-processing has evolved the most it’s HDR photography. In this blog entry I want to talk about how I can take a single set of images and use them to create three or four different looks. Once I have a few options I can choose the best one or I can use layers, blend modes and masks to combine what I like most about different versions into a single final image.

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Photographing Shuttle Discovery (Part 3)

For my third (and final) entry on my experience photographing the arrival of Space Shuttle Discovery I thought I’d talk a bit about the history of this particular space shuttle and what it was like to see her arrive. I’ll share a few facts along with my best pictures from a great day of seeing history.

While I was at the National Air And Space Museum (Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center) I had an opportunity to meet a man named Robert A. Adamcik who wrote a great book about Discovery called “Voyages of Discovery”. I’ll be using that book to keep my facts correct in this blog entry.

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Photographing Shuttle Discovery (part 2)

After making her first pass over the National Air & Space Museum (Steven F. Udvar Hazy Center) Space Shuttle Discovery left to make her appearance over Washington DC. Since she would be gone for a little while I used this time to review my images, transfer some of my favorites to my iPad and to change compact flash memory cards.

Since this is a photography blog I thought I’d spend a little time talking about my equipment choices and the camera settings I used.

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Photographing Shuttle Discovery (part 1)

On Tuesday April 17, 2012 I woke up early and drove into Chantilly, VA to try to be part of the historic arrival of the Space Shuttle Discovery. This was a decision I made when I first heard she would be flying in on the back of a 747 and I knew I wanted to get to see this historic moment.

When I learned that the shuttle would be flying around Washington DC I was conflicted about where I should go to get my once in a lifetime shots.

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