Camera Rain Covers

A few days ago my Featured Image of the Week featured a shot I captured at the National Zoo in the rain. In the article that accompanied the shot I talked about how I like to continue shooting when the weather is less than perfect. I’ve worked for years as an event photographer and if it starts to rain and the show goes on I still have to deliver pictures. I’ve used a number of accessories over the years to make sure I can keep working no matter what the conditions and Rain Sleeves are a super inexpensive way to keep shooting even when it starts raining.

For this article I’ll be sharing my thoughts about the four Rain Sleeves I own.

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My Editing Workflow – an Overview

Today I want to share a quick video that shows the entire workflow I use when editing a picture from my adventures at the National Zoo.

I’ve had a number of people asking about how I process my images so I put together this overview video that takes viewers through my process from start to finish on a single image. I’ll create some follow-up videos that explain how each step in detail. Continue reading

Martin Luther King, jr. Day

Each year, on the third Monday of January, Americans celebrate the birthday of Martin Lugher King, Jr. (his actual birthday is January 15th but we observe his birthday with a federal holiday).

On numerous occasions I’ve visited the Martin Luther King, jr. Memorial in Washington, DC and it’s one of my favorites (especially during the Cherry Blossom Festival). The above picture was taken during the 2013 Cherry Blossom Festival.

the Destination Wedding

On August 10 (2013) I was in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania where I photographed the wedding of Jim and Mary. I spent the day before the wedding scouting the location (inside and out) and I used the wedding rehearsal to make sure I’d be in the best places to get my shots of the ceremony. It was a beautiful wedding and an out of this world location. For this blog post I wanted to share some stories and a few of the images from the wedding. Continue reading

In the Portrait Studio with Syd

Recently I had a chance to photograph Syd in my portrait studio. With a majority of my portrait work happening away from my studio I thought this was a great opportunity to share some of my thoughts, some behind the scenes shots of my gear and how I like to set things up.

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Lightroom 5 Mini-Review on Sony Alpha Lab

I’ve spent the last week working with the new public beta version of Lightroom 5 (now free to download from Adobe Labs). So far I’m loving the new features and I wrote a quick mini-review for my friends over at Sony Alpha Lab. If you’re interested in reading about the new features and seeing how they worked with some of my images be sure to check it out here:

Lightroom 5 mini-review on Sony Alpha Lab

My Top 12 Pictures from 2012

According to my Lightroom 4 “2012 catalog” I captured close to 40,000 images in 2012. That’s a whole lot of pictures! I had a great year and I captured some of my all time favorite shots in 2012. WIth 2013 right around the corner I wanted to look back and pick 12 shots from 2012 that represented my work for the year. I’ve always tried to tell stories with my photography and this year was no exception. Sometimes the story was there in the picture and sometimes the adventure of capturing the shot became the story. For this blog entry I’ll share my twelve favorite shots from 2012 and the stories behind each of them. Continue reading

Merry Christmas!


This morning I was greeted by a northern Virginia sunrise and snow in my yard. It sure looked like Christmas to me.

I wanted to take a minute to say “thank you” to everyone who has stopped by my blog this year and I hope to see you all back in 2013. It’s been fun to share some stories, tips and techniques and I’ve got plenty of ideas for some new blog entries. Thanks again and Merry Christmas from Northern Virginia!

Engagement Shoot

Recently I had a great engagement photo shoot with Tom and Julie. I had a few ideas and I knew that they had some ideas as well. Together we put together a nice mix of traditional studio pictures, some outdoor shots and some really fun shots. For this blog post I’ll share some pictures from the shoot and I’ll talk about the process I go through when I’m photographing new clients.

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