My NASA Adventure

It’s not easy being NASA…

Two generations ago we looked to NASA to put a man on the moon (the Apollo program). Forty five years ago today the world watched as Apollo 11 launched to take Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon. With every Apollo launch there was only one thing on the TV and everyone tuned in.

A generation ago we looked to NASA to send astronauts and payloads into space and return in vehicles which could be reused (the Space Shuttle program). Whenever a shuttle launched it was something so special to see – both in person as well as on TV. As a nation we experienced great tragedy along with amazing triumphs with the Space Shuttle program. To this day the Space Shuttles (on display across the nation) are rock stars that attract fans by the tens of thousands every day.

Today we don’t have an exciting headline grabbing space program that grabs our attention and makes us stand up and take notice. But that isn’t the problem NASA faces.

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