Customer Service Done Right

As a business owner I think about customer service a lot. I think about how I like to be treated when I have an issue and I try to remember how I want to be treated when a client has an issue.

A few days ago I got to experience customer service at a level unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

When it comes to Mpix Pro I was already impressed from past experiences with the customer service department. But what they did for me and my family on this occasion was absolutely out of this world.

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How Google+ Enhanced My Photoshop World Experience

Photoshop World (Washington, DC 2012) ended on March 27th and it was my very first PSW. I heard from a lot of instructors and attendees that this was “the best Photoshop World yet.” I spent a lot of time  absorbing my personal experience and a thought hit me that could help explain why Photoshop World DC was so special for me.

There is no doubt all of the planning, preparation and hard work by +Scott Kelby and his incredible team are among the biggest reasons the convention was such a success. But I think that another very small difference from previous years helped to make my first Photoshop World special.

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