Timeless Moments: Grand Canyon National Park by David Muench

Timeless Moments: Grand Canyon National Park by David Muench

Timeless Moments Grand Canyon National Park by David Muench


– When Farcountry press reached out to me to see if I was interested in reviewing a copy of David Muench’s new book: Timeless Moments: Grand Canyon National Park, I instantly responded with an enthusiastic “you bet I would.” A little over a week later I received a package1 and I dove right in.

I knew it would be about the Grand Canyon, but I chose to do as little research into David’s work or the famous National Park before I received the book. Instead I opted to experience it “fresh” in the same way as someone who might pick up the book at their local book store. In other words, I wanted to see if I could be surprised by what was inside instead of building up any expectations.

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The Headshot by Peter Hurley | a Book Review

Today I’m going to share my thoughts on a book I picked up recently called: “The Headshot” by Peter Hurley. I picked up a copy to read on a recent flight and I’m truly happy I did. I buy plenty of books every year but this one is by far the best photography book I’ve purchased this year (and possibly this decade).

If you photograph people then I’d highly recommend you order a copy of this book right now then come back to finish reading this review. It’s less than $30 that will make your portraits and headshots better than that $2,000.00 f1.4 lens you’ve been looking at. Having a good portrait lens is great but the lessons in this book will have you capturing killer shots regardless of your gear. This book IS THAT GOOD!!!