About Monico

I am a photographer located in Northern Virginia but my clients are across the USA. I specialize in on-location photography and utilize Adobe Photoshop to fully realize my artistic vision and the vision of my clients.

Nikon D850 DSLR (Coming Soon)

Long time readers of my blog know that I’m pretty exclusively a Sony shooter (and Minolta before that) so an article about an upcoming Nikon camera may seem out of place. But I have so many close friends and colleagues that are shooting Nikon gear that I can’t help but have respect for the Nikon system. With the introduction of the new Nikon D850 it seemed like a great time to step outside of my normal system and share some thoughts about this brand new camera.

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Featured Image of the Week | 8/22/2017

For this weeks Featured Image of the week I’m sharing a picture of the 2017 total Solar Eclipse (as seen from Charleston, SC). Getting the shot was a combination of having the right gear, being in the right place and a whole lot of luck. If seeing how I got the shot (including the equipment and settings I used) is something you’re interested in then be sure to read the entire article.

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Gear Tips #3 | Table Top Tripods

For this week’s Gear Tips I want to talk about an accessory that goes everywhere my camera goes, my table top tripod. There are a bunch of small tripods on the market, but with a number of accessories a basic table top tripod can do some really incredible things. In this article I’ll share a quick review of my personal table top tripod and the accessories I’ve used over the years to get some of my favorite shots. Continue reading

Featured Image of the Week | 8/15/2017

Today’s Featured Image of the Week is one I shot in London of Elizabeth Tower – or what we sometimes call “Big Ben”. Yesterday I learned that it was going to be undergoing a massive four year refurbishment. I was lucky enough to see it in person in 2016 and I thought it was absolutely awesome. I can’t imagine it looking any better from the outside – but in four years I’m planning to return so I can see how it looks after all the work is done. In this article I’ll talk a bit about the equipment I used and the settings I chose to get the shot.

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Gear Tips #2 | Lens Hoods

In today’s Gear Tips I want to share my thoughts on something a lot of people give very little thought to: lens hoods. Most lenses come with a hood but I often see people out shooting without using them (or worse – having them on their lens backwards in a “storage” position). Some lenses don’t include a hood but getting one is usually very inexpensive. In this article I’ll talk about why we should always use a hood. I’ll also talk about two specific Sony lenses I own that didn’t include hoods – along with the hoods I found that worked great for them.

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Featured Image of the Week | 8/8/2017

For this weeks Featured Image of the Week I returned to Philadelphia, PA for a shot of Independence Hall. Unlike almost every other shot people see of Independence Hall this one was captured from the back of the building instead of the front. For this article I’ll share a few of the techniques I employed to get the shot.

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Gear Tips #1 | Giottos Rocket Blaster

Welcome to a brand new series of blog articles. I’ve been working on this project for some time and it’s part of a much larger venture for me. This has been years in the making and represents an important first step. It’s my hope that both new and long-time readers of my blog will like the eventual results.

My idea is to take all of my knowledge, years of experience and a love of helping others and channel it into a series of “tips” to help improve your photography with articles here on the blog and videos over on my YouTube channel. I’m confident I’ve hit on a combination that will really help people at every skill level from newcomers to pros and everyone in between.

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Featured Image of the Week | 8/1/2017

For this weeks Featured Image of the Week I went back to my trip to Paris – specifically the island of Île de la Cité and the incredible Notre-Dame de Paris. This magnificent cathedral was the second I’d seen on my London/Paris trip but it was the first I went inside. This shot is the nave inside Notre-Dame and, believe it or not, it was more difficult to get the shot than you might think…

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Independence Hall Time Lapse Video

On the weekend of July 21 – 23, 2017 I traveled to Philadelphia, PA. I was there to see a concert, but before and after the show there was plenty of time to sight see and play tourist. I’ve visited Philly once before (for work) but this was to be my first time seeing some of the historic locations like Liberty Hall. On this trip I got to see the Liberty Bell and go inside Liberty Hall as well as seeing a number of beautiful parks and doing a little night time long exposure shooting.

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Featured Image of the Week | 7/25/2017

a night time photograph of Independence Hall

This week’s Featured Image of the Week comes from Philadelphia, PA, where I was able to spend a weekend exploring the city where the United States began.

This is an image of Independence Hall photographed at night and it’s one of my favorite shots from my visit. National Park Service rangers give tours inside and it’s an awesome experience for history buffs (especially those who enjoy the story of the United States). This shot was captured from the nearby Independence National Historic Park.

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