My Camera Bags

I own several camera bags and I regularly use almost all of them.

For me, my gear bags are important and I’ll load gear into the most appropriate bag for what I’ll be doing. I own several shoulder bags, sling bags, backpacks, and rolling suitcase sized bags. For big jobs I pack big bags and for small trips I’ll use a smaller bag.

My favorite camera/gear bag is my LowePro ProRoller X100 shown below:

The Pro Roller is my first choice when I’m traveling or going out on a big job. It holds enough gear to handle almost anything and it has a bunch of really great features that I love.

For the times when I’m out hiking in the National Parks I have a number of backpacks including my current favorite from Tuff-Luv:

Two Tuff-Luv shoulder bags are now part of my bag collection and I’ve been using them as normal camera bags as well as using them for bringing specialty gear (like flashes and radio triggers) to job sites.

Additionally, I have several shoulder bags, sling bags, tripod cases and lighting bags in numerous sizes.

As time allows I’ll update this information to make sure that it’s current.

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