My Flashes

I have plenty of flashes that I take on my jobs. Most of them are shoe-mount flashes but I also use some large studio strobes on the big jobs. Right now my camera bag is filled with Sony HVL-F56AM flashes (discontinued but still my favorite Sony flash). Most of the time I am using the Sony 56’s mounted on light stands. Because Sony has a unique (and totally bizarre) hot-shoe I have to use an adaptor. Right now my adaptor is made by Flash Zebra and it allows me to radio trigger a 56 with a CyberCync receiver (made by Paul C. Buff).

I also use Sony HVL-F58AM flashes as an off-camera flash or to be a high speed sync trigger for TTL flash solutions (kind of like the Nikon CLS system but with a Sony twist). It’s not often, but when I need to overcome sunlight (or really bright artificial light) I can use my 56’s set to  high speed sync mode and trigger them with the 58.

For fill flash and for those special assignments where I need lots of flash I use my LumoPro LP160’s. This is a killer flash that could easily function as a main light but I find myself using them more as accent lights. At less than $160 each you can create an incredible scene without going broke. I’ve got some personal projects planned where I’ll be using only LumoPro flashes and I’ll be sure to share the final images here in the future

My big studio strobes are made by Paul C. Buff. Right now I’m using Alien Bees B800 strobes and a Vagabond battery pack but I’ve rented the super cool Einstein flash for a few projects and I think it’s an absolutely killer strobe.

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