Getting Better Sound for your Videos

Lots of Microphones If you’re new to making videos and want to make a significant improvement in quality then the first thing you need to look at is audio. While today’s cameras capture incredible video they often fall short when it comes to good audio. The simple fact is this – bad audio is often the first thing people will notice about a video. Someone might watch a video if the picture is out of focus or a little shaky, but they’ll rarely accept audio that sounds terrible.

Poor audio might be the one reason, more than any other, that people will turn off a video. Microphones built in to most cameras are usually not very good and they can’t be properly adjusted to make much of a difference, so the way to capture better sound means using a a better microphone, an external audio recorder or any of a number of other solutions.

In this article I’ll talk about how I improved the quality of the audio in my videos and share some of the important principles I use to get the most from my audio gear. You’ll see some of the equipment I use and I even made a new a video to show how different microphones perform in various locations in my office/production studio. Continue reading