I’m a Guest on the Resort Loop Podcast!

Resort Loop Podcast Episode 470  |  “Perfect Pictures”

Me on the Resort Loop Podcast

– Earlier this week my good friends Tim & Bob of the Resort Loop Podcast called me up and we recorded a show all about taking pictures in Disney Theme Parks. I’ve been writing for their website for some time now, but this was my very first appearance on the podcast. After contributing numerous comments and photos to their Facebook group I even earned the coveted title: “Super Looper”.

The Resort Loop Podcast Episode 470

The show was all about taking pictures in the many Disney Theme Parks (along with a few tips, tricks and equipment recommendations) – but I think the best message I shared in the show was the importance of putting the camera (or smart phone) away every once in a while and just enjoying things with your own eyes. I call it “a camera free day” but the bottom line is this: you spent good money to go to the theme park and the pictures you take should remind you of the moments you had enjoying yourself. When you’re too consumed with taking pictures you may be missing some seriously special moments…

Of course there were a lot of topics covered in our conversation so it’s probably best if you just follow the link and give the show a listen. I’m pretty proud of it and I hope readers of my blog enjoy my very first podcast appearance.

You can find the Resort Loop Podcast (episode 470 “Perfect Pictures”) here.

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