Featured Image of the Week | 7/25/2017

a night time photograph of Independence Hall

This week’s Featured Image of the Week comes from Philadelphia, PA, where I was able to spend a weekend exploring the city where the United States began.

This is an image of Independence Hall photographed at night and it’s one of my favorite shots from my visit. National Park Service rangers give tours inside and it’s an awesome experience for history buffs (especially those who enjoy the story of the United States). This shot was captured from the nearby Independence National Historic Park.

Getting the shot was just a matter of waiting until it was a bit later at night (it gets extremely crowded in the daytime so there’s no great way to take pictures without tons of people in them) and using a tripod to let me capture a long exposure shot. After getting home the image was edited with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

For this image I used my favorite travel camera the Sony a6000, an inexpensive “L” bracket, a 16mm lens, a lens hood for my 16mm lens, my travel tripod and a cable release (so I didn’t accidentally move the camera while taking the sho)t. If the equipment I use is of interest I have a B&H page which includes everything I had with me and used to get the shot.

Stay tuned because I’ll have a few more Featured Images from my trip to Philadelphia in the coming weeks.

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