Featured Image of the Week – 9/29/2014

“Quenching Her Thirst”

For this weeks Featured Image of the Week I chose a new shot of Sumatran Tiger Sukacita who is enjoying a drink from the large pond in her outdoor habitat. This is another shot captured at the National Zoo (in Washington, DC) and it’s been the basis for some very interesting conservation conversations on social media.

A Critically Endangered Species

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my many years as a photographer it’s that pictures can be used for good. I’ve seen amazing accomplishments by photographers who have used their images to raise money for important causes and it inspires me to continue shooting.

But raising money for good causes isn’t the only thing photography can do.

Sometimes a photograph can inspire viewers to learn more about the subject of the image. As a photographer who love wildlife photography I don’t share images because I want others to think I’m good at what I do. I share wildlife images in the hopes that someone will see the beauty I see and be inspired to go out and try to see what I see. In the case of endangered animals I hope to inspire action.

I’m super fortunate to have my images seen by hundreds of thousands of people every day and if just one person gets moved by a picture like this one of a critically endangered Sumatran Tiger then all the years of hard work are totally worth it. My images have started conversations with participants from across the globe and it’s always my hope that conversations lead to action.

You never know who will see one of your images and if the experience will inspire action – but we should all take pictures and share them as if it can change someone’s life. In the case of endangered animals it might just change the world we live in…

You can learn more about the critically endangered Sumatran Tigers at the World Wildlife Fund here.

That’s all for now. Be sure to check back next week for another Featured Image of the Week!

You can check out this shot on my 500px page here.

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