Featured Image of the Week – 8/25/2014

“The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial at Night”

This weeks Featured Image of the week is a brand new shot for me. I was on a DC Trolly Tour Friday night when we made a stop close to the FDR Memorial. I took a short walk over to the MLK, Jr. Memorial with about 10 minutes to shoot before the Trolly departed to continue the tour. I only grabbed a few long exposure shots in the time I had and this was my favorite shot I captured.

I spend a lot of time at the Tidal Basin (where the MLK, Jr. Memorial is located) but usually it’s super early in the morning before sunrise or early in the afternoon. This was only my second time visiting this memorial at night and the first time I took some pictures in the evening.

One thing I love about this memorial is how well it photographs at almost any focal length. I’ve photographed it super wide, super telephoto and at normal focal lengths and it always looks great. Additionally, it looks great no matter what time of day you’re visiting.

This shot was captured with a medium-wide angle lens (28mm) on a crop sensor camera (for an equivalent angle of view to a 42mm lens on a full-frame camera) and I really liked how the final composition turned out. To keep the camera steady I used my travel tripod and a wired shutter release.

The sky was looked a bit pink (due to the the Washington, DC street lights) so I corrected the colors using Photoshop.

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