Lightroom 5 Mini-Review on Sony Alpha Lab

I’ve spent the last week working with the new public beta version of Lightroom 5 (now free to download from Adobe Labs). So far I’m loving the new features and I wrote a quick mini-review for my friends over at Sony Alpha Lab. If you’re interested in reading about the new features and seeing how they worked with some of my images be sure to check it out here:

Lightroom 5 mini-review on Sony Alpha Lab

My Mobile Photography Studio

For this blog entry I’ll share some behind the scenes shots of my Mobile Photography Studio setup along with a few images from my photo session with one-year-old Brody.

A big part of my business involves creating portraits on location. Most of the time that means being in scenic locations like lakes and parks. Other times it’s an assignment where I’m photographing an office staff in their place of business. But sometimes I’ll get a call that requires a studio environment set up in a remote location. My photo session with Brody was a perfect¬†opportunity¬†to create a full studio environment in the clients home.

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