Customer Service Done Right

As a business owner I think about customer service a lot. I think about how I like to be treated when I have an issue and I try to remember how I want to be treated when a client has an issue.

A few days ago I got to experience customer service at a level unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

When it comes to Mpix Pro I was already impressed from past experiences with the customer service department. But what they did for me and my family on this occasion was absolutely out of this world.

First a little back story…

At Photoshop World I got a chance to stop by the Mpix booth (which was also the Mpix Pro booth, the Miller’s Professional Imaging booth and the Zenfolio booth). Since I do business with all four company divisions I really wanted to stop in and talk with some of the people there.

I struck up a great conversation with a really cool guy named John. We talked about their products (I had six of their prints with me for my portfolio review) and what new things could benefit a business owner like me. We talked for quite a while and I walked away happy to now have a face to associate with Mpix Pro. Cards were exchanged and since Photoshop World we’ve exchanged a few friendly emails.

Goodbye Uncle George

My Uncle George is a man I grew very close to in the last 5 years. He’s been there my entire life but he was really a big part of my life after I survived a house fire. It was him and his wife that took me into their home and helped me to get back on my feet. They were there when I met the love of my life and they supported my dream to become a full time professional photographer.

But on April 6, 2012 I got a call from my aunt informing me that my uncle had passed away at age 63 from heart failure. This was about the worst news I could have received.

I called up my clients and got extensions on my pending deadlines, packed my car and prepared to drive to Michigan to be with family. But before leaving I went back into my Lightroom catalog to find a picture to get printed and sent to Michigan to display at the funeral. I opened my Mpix Pro ROES, ordered a nice 8″x12″ matted and framed print, completed my order, jumped in my car and left Virginia.

But somewhere between Virginia and Michigan I realized I was in such a rush that I forgot to change the shipping address to my Michigan destination. I know that Mpix Pro processes thousands of orders every day and you can’t make a change once your order has been completed. I’d made an epic mistake…

But then I remembered meeting John at Photoshop World and I thought I’d try something as a last hope. From my phone I sent John an email explaining my situation to see if he could do what I figured was an impossibility.

Well, it turns out that it wasn’t an impossibility because John managed to track down my order, correct the shipping address, and get it sent out with Saturday delivery (at no additional expense). I was blown away when he replied to my email and told me what he had done for me.

John and Mpix Pro saves the day

The print arrived and was placed next to my uncles casket and it looked incredible. The above image is a simulation of the matted and framed print I created in Photoshop. Trust me when I say that the real framed print looks a lot better than my Photoshop version.

I’m not saying that Mpix Pro will correct every mistake their customers ever make or that they will be perfect all the time. But I do know that when I needed them they came through for me. There’s something really special about a company (and someone that works for a company) that really goes above and beyond for their clients.

John and the Mpix Pro team really helped me out when the mistake was totally mine. I’ll never forget what they did for me and my family and I’ll continue to tell anyone who asks where I get all of my printing needs fulfilled. There’s something really special about a company that delivers both quality products and incredible customer service. That’s the kind of company I like to do business with and it’s what I want my photography business to be for my clients.

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1 thought on “Customer Service Done Right

  1. Monico, I’m so sorry to hear about your Uncle. It’s obvious you were very close to him. That was a beautiful picture of what was undoubtedly a happy man.

    Mpix sounds like the kind of company we all want to do business with. It’s rare to find a company of any kind that will go to that sort of trouble to help you, and it deserves the highest level of loyalty.

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