Making Yourself Easier To Find On Google+

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Google+.

It’s been a great new way for me to connect with other photographers as well as being a cool way to talk about my current projects and share some of my personal techniques with my camera and in Photoshop/Lightroom.

So far a lot of people have found me on Google + without very much effort on my part. But the people who have found me were already on Google+. What about all the people who still haven’t created an account? To make it easier to find me I created an “easy URL” to help people find me on Google+.

Here’s how I did it using (along with some screen captures).

I’m a lucky guy to have a name like Monico since it really makes it easy to get URL’s with my name in them. Right now I think I have between 10 and 15 domains registered with Godaddy. I started by searching for my name followed by “gplus” (no spaces).

Once I purchased my new domain name I proceeded to launch the domain control page. There’s all sorts of cool options here but I rarely use most of them.

Once I launched the control page I clicked on the blue “manage” link (for forwarding) and that brought up a new window. Because I was using tabs in my internet browser I had an easy time jumping from page to page. Because I needed the URL (that’s the name that usually starts with http://¬†at the top of your internet browser ) I jumped to my google+ page to copy the URL to my computers clipboard.

After I copied the URL I jumped back to the godaddy domain control panel page and I pasted the URL into the “Forward to” box.

A cool feature is the preview option (it’s the blue link on the top right of the forward to box). If I didn’t see my Google+ page I’d double check to make sure I have the URL correctly.

After that I click OK. A message pops up telling me that it could take up to an hour to activate but I’ve never seen it take more than 10 minutes to start working.

And that’s it. $10 spent, 15 minutes of my time (including the 10 minute wait for activation of forwarding) and a new line for my business cards. I really love the ease of having such a short and easy to remember way for new people to find me on Google+.

(note: Special thanks go out to Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion for coming up with the idea and sharing it on broadcasts like the Grid)

1 thought on “Making Yourself Easier To Find On Google+

  1. Hi Monico and Happy Easter!
    I don’t know if you’re “live” yet here with your blog, but I subscribed the other day when you asked me to take a look and it popped up in NetNewsWire, just now.

    GoDaddy is awesome – I have several domains there, too, and always go there if I’m considering something new. What you’ve done is a great idea and thanks for sharing and showing all of the “how to” details.

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